Pool Leagues

We offer both 8 & 9-ball team in-house "Cash Leagues" on Mondays and Thursdays. 
The APA at Shooters
Shooters hosts APA league play Sunday through Friday. You can contact us to join one of our pool teams, practice for a tournament, or just come down to have some fun.
The Biggest. More than 250,000 amateur men and women play in the APA Pool League.

The Fairest. The Equalizer® handicap system makes competition fair for everyone.

The Richest. Over $1.7 Million in guaranteed National Championship prize money.


Shooters Specials!


  • Special $13 Per day per Player  Open - 6:00 PM Every Day

* Shooters League Members

  • Play at Shooters as your home location and pool is FREE Sundays, 4 PM - Close.
  We have 20 Brunswick Gold Crown III pool tables with Simonis 860 cloth.


Business Hours

Monday 6pm-11pm
Tuesday 12pm-11pm
Wednesday 2pm-11pm
Thursday 12pm-11pm
Friday 12pm-12am
Saturday 12pm-12am
Sunday 12pm-11pm